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8-Jan-2019Targeting the Cell Cycle for Cancer Treatment Computational Approaches for the Inhibition of Aurora kinase and SurvivinSarvagalla SailuMohane Coumar, S.
8-Jan-2019Structural and functional studies of acid sphingomyelinase and its association with apoptosis and niemann pick diseaseYellamandayya VadlamudiSuresh Kumar, M.
8-Jan-2019Dynamics of multitasking DegP and the role of HpHtrA as a therapeutic target A computational approach on HtrA family proteinsNivedita RaiAmutha, R.
8-Jan-2019Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some 4h chromenes 4 7 dihydropyrazolopyridines and pyrazolopyridinesAdigopula Lakshmi NarayanaKrishna, R.
8-Jan-2019Mechanistic insights into the retrotransposition pathway mediated by line1 proteins orf1p and orf2pMuthukumaran, R.Amutha, R.
8-Jan-2019Identification of Druggable Targets from Fusobacterium nucleatum Involved in Colorectal Cancer Progression and Inhibitors A Computational and in vitro ApproachAmit KumarKrishna, R.
8-Jan-2019Mechanistic insights into the interaction of ID3 with E2A Ptf1 p48 and its implicating role in pancreatic cancerNishith Saurav TopnoKrishna, R.
8-Jan-2019Host response profile of human brain proteome in toxoplasma encephalitis coinfected with HIVApeksha SahuKeshava Prasad, T. S.
8-Jan-2019Structural investigations of t7 rna polymerase single particle analysis and computational approachesSubhomoi BorkotokyMurali, A.
8-Jan-2019Development and evaluation of fly ash based bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis formulations for mosquito controlTamilselvan, S.Manonmani, A. M.