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13-Mar-2020Pore water chemistry and sulfur iron carbon systematics in sediments underlying the oxygen minimum zone of the arabian sea west coast of indiaFernandes, Svetlana QueraMazumdar, Aninda
13-Mar-2020Halotolerant bacteria as probiotics in shrimp aquacultureFernandes, SamanthaKerkar, Savita
13-Mar-2020Study of Physiological Parameters of the Human Body for Variability Case Study of HeartTavares, Noel GervasioGad, Rajendra S.
13-Mar-2020Characterizing copepods and its food variability in the arabian seaDsouza, Analiza MariaGauns, Mangesh U
13-Mar-2020Late Pleistocene holocene sedimentation buried river channel morphology and seismic stratigraphy of inner continental shelf off Goa west coast of IndiaDubey, Kanchan ManiChaubey, A K
13-Mar-2020Foraminiferal distribution off the southern tip of India to understand its response to cross basin water exchange and to reconstruct seasonal monsoon intensity during the Late QuaternarySingh, Dharmendra PratapSaraswat, Rajeev
13-Mar-2020Coupling of coastal hydrodynamics and biooptical color components of a tropical estuarine ecosystemAdhilkari, ArjunMenon, Harilal B
31-Mar-2020Proteomic approach to study fungal growth under simulated deep sea conditionsKrishnaswamy, AkhilaDamare, Samir R
31-Mar-2020Past oxygen minimum zone in the Bay of Bengal reconstruction from sedimentary particulate manganese Implications to productivity variabilitySarathchandraprasad TBanakar, Virupaxa
31-Mar-2020Abundance and role of marine bacterioplankton in the nitrogen cycle of the arabian seaMulla, Amara BegumDamare, Samir R and Gauns, Mangesh U