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13-Nov-2014Image compression a hybrid approach by sensing the features adaptivelyJacob Vetha Raj, YMohamed Sathik, M
24-Jun-2014Role of corals reefs mangroves and seagrasses in enhancing productivity of the Gulf of Mannar coastal ecosystem in the Southeastern India and conservation measuresNaganathan,VPatterson Edward,J.K
24-Jun-2014Non specific and specific immunomodulatory efficacy of potential plant extracts in controlling major bacterial diseases in freshwater fish Labeo rohitaAnitha,ASukumaran,N
23-May-2014An analysis of online marketing customers and marketers perspectiveDurkasree PRamesh M
23-May-2014Living arrangements and coping mechanisms of the elderly in the coastal communities of Kanyakumari districtPradeep L RMaruthakutti R
13-Nov-2014Studies on the diversity and ecology of the ephemeroptera plecoptera and trichoptera complexes of some river basins of southern indiaSivaruban ThambiratnamArunachalam,M
24-Apr-2014The growth kinetics of Arachis Hypogaea L. Var. TMV-7 under the inoculation of biofertilizers with reference to physiological and biochemical studiesIren Amutha AReginald Appavoo M
13-Nov-2014The influence of information and communication technology on work life integration among employees of financial services industry an analysis of individual performance and organizational outcomeHerald M.DhasRajasekaran,B
23-May-2014Studies on some wound healing medicinal plantsVadivel EGopalakrishnan S
24-Jun-2014The open geodetic number of a graphKumari Latha,TSanthakumaran,A.P