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6-Oct-2021Systematic Design of Boron Nitride Based Nanocomposite Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage ElectrocatalysisIndrajit M. PatilBhalchandra Kakade
4-Nov-2020Synthesis Rheology and Characterisation of Fly Ash Ggbs Blend Geopolymer with Additives for Satisfactory Fresh and StrengthRevathi.TJeyalakshmi.R
21-Oct-2020Abnormal Platelet Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing Gsk3and#946; and Plasma Hyperphosphorylated Tau Levels in Ckd Patients with Cognitive Dysfunction Impact of RhuepoVinoth Kumar.GVenkataraman.P
23-Oct-2020Modulating Physicochemical Attributes of Pharmaceutical Co Crystals A Case Study of Drug Polymer Small Molecular SystemsPraveen ChappaArthanareeswari.M
17-Aug-20211d 2d Architectures of Transition Metal Chalcogenides and Their Carbon Hybrids for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Sensing ApplicationsKumuthini.RHelen Annal Therese
23-Aug-2021Enhancement of Immunity and Disease Control in Common Carp Cyprinus Carpio Challenged with Gram Negative Bacteria Aeromonas Hydrophila Through Spirulina Arthrospira Platensis Supplemented DietKasiviswanathan MJesu Arockiaraj A
23-Aug-2021Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite as an Effective Catalyst and its Application as a Colorimetric Sensor for the Detection of Toxic Metal IonsAnand Babu Christus APanneerselvam P
26-Aug-2021Phytochemical Studies of Clerodendrum Phlomidis and Invitro Evaluation of Anti Bacterial and Anti Cancer Potential of Electrospun PCl Nanofibers Infused with Crude Extracts and Lupeol FractionsSiranjeevi RJeyalakshmi R
26-Aug-2021P Phenylenediamine Modified Graphene Derivatives and its Subsequent Decoration with Gold Nanoparticles Ingan Nanorods for Dual Functional Co Gas Sensor and UV PhotodetectorsThota ChandrakalavathiJeyalakshmi R
26-Aug-2021Azide Alkyne Cycloaddition and Borrowing Hydrogen Reactions for C C and C N Bond FormationsMadhu NallagangulaNamitharan K