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22-Dec-2014Antimicrobial peptides design synthesis and biological evaluationJoshi, SeemaRawat, Diwan S and Pasha, Santosh
18-Jan-2013Application of derivative spectroscopy of unsaturated carbonyl compounds a case study of testosterone and its interaction with various speciesSunil KumarHarish Chandra
22-Dec-2014Applications of ionic liquids and ionic liquid stabilized nanoparticles in organic transformationsDewan, ManikaMozumdar, Subho
20-Nov-2014Applications of ni ag nanoparticles and bmim bf4 in the syntheses of n ocontaining heterocyclesSnehaKhurana, J M
4-Dec-2013Base-mediated regio-and stereoselective intermolecular hydroamination of alkynesJoshi, MeghaVerma, Akhilesh Kumar
24-Feb-2015Biocatalytic acylation studies on novel sugar precursors and una u and synthesis of 2 alkylamino arabinofuranosyl pyrimidines and 5 thionucleoside disulfidesReddy Lokasani,Chandra shekharPrasad, Ashok K
3-Dec-2013Biochemical studies on Lichens as potential source of AgrochemicalsGoel, MayurikaRani, Archana; Dureja, Prem
14-Oct-2014Clay and clay polymer nanocomposites: a class of novel materials for oral drug delivery systemSeemaDatta, Monika
10-Nov-2014Complex oxides for dielectric resonator applicationsYadav, Ram JeewanThirumal, M
20-Nov-2014Coordination complexes appended withpyridine or arylcarboxylic acid groups:extended ensembles and functional materialsKumar, GirijeshGupta, Rajeev
24-Feb-2015Copper ii complexes of schiff bases derived from a benzimidazolyl amineand its n substitutted derivate: structural,spectral and morphological and catalytic studiesKumar, RavindarMathur, Pavan
29-Dec-2014Crystallographic spectroscopic and antimalarial activity of 4 aminoquinoline derivativesSingh, ShailjaAwasthi, Satish Kumar
29-Dec-2014Cyclic and acyclic rhenium i based complexesShankar, BSathiyendiran, M
1-Jan-2015Design and synthesis of pyrazines, Imidazolones, chromones and their anticancer and transacetylase activitiesSharma, SwetaThirumal, M and Parmar, V S
22-Dec-2014Design synthesis and biological evaluation of 1 2 methoxyphenyl piperazine analogues as spect and pet imaging agentSingh, NirajKukreti, Shrikant and Chauhan, S M S
31-Dec-2014Design, synthesis and biological activity evaluation of hybrid molecules based on 4:aminoquinoline, curcumin, chalcone and cyclohexanediamineManohar, SunnyRawat, Diwan S
24-Feb-2015Detection and extraction toxic metal lons as, sb , v from aqueous media using naturally occurring clay and thier compositesAnjum ,AnsarDatta, Monika
10-Nov-2014Development of biocompatible nanomaterials for the delivery of pharmacological agents: synthesis, characterization and bioevaluationBehl, GautamChhikara, Aruna
29-Sep-2014Development of new protocols for the synthesis of heterocyclic frameworks employing metal catalysis gold, platinum and indium and multicomponent reactionsKumar, AmitSharma, Sunil K and Parmar, Virinder S
23-Dec-2014Development of novel materials with photocatalytic effect for effluent treatmentChhabra, PranshuKhandal, R K and Nagarajan, R