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21-Apr-2022Study of palladium catalysed carbon oxygen bond forming reactionsRangarajan, T. M.Singh,R. P.
26-Apr-2022Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of pyrrolo1 2 a quinoxalinoporphyrins coumarin and xanthone linked triazoloporphyrin analoguesSingh, Dileep KumarNath, Mahendra
26-Apr-2022Synthesis and characterization of fac Re CO 3 based dinuclear tetranuclear and hexanuclear supramolecular coordination complexesGupta, DeepakSathiyendiran, M.
25-Mar-2022Design synthesis and biological evaluation of benzoxazolone based probes for neuroreceptor quantificationNeelam KumariBhagat, Sunita and Tiwari, Anjani Kumar
26-Apr-2022Studies on strategic synthesis of fluorinated and trifluoromethylated oxoketene ithioacetals as synthons for development of biologically important fluoroheterocyclesSharma, NutanBhagat, Sunita
6-Apr-2022Biocatalytic separation of epimeric furanosugars synthesis of bicyclic and spiro nucleosides and isoindoloquinolinesRana,NehaPrasad, Ashok K.
24-Mar-2022Platinum II mediated C H activation of sym N N N triarylguanidines and palladium II mediated N H activation of N aryl N N dipyridylguanidinesMishra, VishweshThirupathi, N.
24-Mar-2022synthesis characterization and application of hybrid nanoparticles in drug deliverySharma, ShaliniRoy, Indrajit
24-Mar-2022Designing characterization and application of magnetically retrievable transition metal nano catalysts for co2 fixation and other organic transformationsGaur,RashmiSharma,R K
24-Mar-2022Micronutrients containing clay Polymer composite film as seed coating material for better plant growthPriyanka KumariChandra, Ramesh