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1-Jan-2016Synthesis of some important biologically active compounds and functional group transformations using ecofriendly catalysts under different reaction conditionsNizam, AatikaPasha, Mohamed Afzal
18-Jan-2016Morphology controlled synthesis of nanostructured inorganic materialsChithaiah, PChandrappa, G T
18-Jan-2016Studies on chemical synthesis of Peptidomimetics application of new reagents for the synthesis of Ureidopeptides synthesis of Nand#945; protected Amino Alkyl Thio Selenocyanates and their utility in the preparation of S Se linked TetrazolesVasantha, BSureshbabu, V V
19-Jan-2016Electrochemical synthesis of inorganic materials metal hydroxides oxides phosphates and halidesPrasad, B EKamath, Vishnu P
19-Jan-2016Studies on some important multicomponent reactions and functional group transformations in organic synthesis under different reaction conditionsReddy, MadhusudanaPasha, Mohamed Afzal
19-Jan-2016Insights into weak interactions in molecular solids by x ray diffraction techniqueZiaulla, MohamedBegum, Noor Shahina
19-Jan-2016Synthesis of layered double hydroxides by homogeneous precipitation study of order disorder reversible hydration and aqueous exfoliationManohara, G VKamath, Vishnu P
26-Jul-2019Structure stability and CO2 Uptake properties of layered double hydroxidesShivanna M.Vishnu Kamath, P.
26-Jul-2019Nanosheets and layered hybrids of layered chalcogenides and oxides through large scale chemical exfoliationArokia Anto Jeffery, A.Rajamathi, Michael
26-Jul-2019Synthesis of some important biologically active heterocycles through green protocolsTabassum, SumaiyaPasha, M. A.