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13-Mar-2018Carpological studies of some members of the family compositaeJana, Bidyut KumarMukherjee, Sobhan K
8-Jul-2016Host nutrition on epidemic development of leaf blight of sunflower under different soil fertility conditionDas Roy, ShirsenduChaudhuri, Sujata
15-Jun-2016In vivo and in vitro assessments of some potential anti cancerous drugs on plant systemSamanta, AveekDatta, Animesh Kumar and Datta, Siraj
16-Jun-2016Macrofungal diversity in forest litter and exploration of the feasibility of using litter decomposing fungi as bioremediantsPramanik, SatadruChaudhuri, Sujata
15-Jun-2016Physiological attributes related to hyperaccumulation of cadmium in Marsilea minuta L with reference to polyamineDas, KingsukAdak, M.K
5-Mar-2018Diversity Analysis of Alternaria Species In Nadia District Of West BengalDas,TapotiChaudhuri, Sujata and Das, Srikanta
13-Mar-2018Study of ethnomedical plant diversity of rayagada district_orissa_ indiaBaul, AmulyaMukherjee, Sobhan K and Dhal, Nabin Kumar
15-Mar-2018Development of molecular signature in three cultivated species of cymbopogon and identification of sex linked markers in richosanthes dioica roxb and cucumis sativus L based on Rapd_ ISSR and AFLP analysisAdhikari, SinchanGhosh, P.D and Bandyopadhyay
28-Feb-2018Hepper and Vigna radiate_L_Wilczek using Morphological Biochemical and Molecular MarkersDas Sur, SwatiGhosh, Parthadeb
23-Dec-2015Studies on ethylmethane sulphonate and gamma irradiation induced mutagenesis and on the biological effects of copper and carmium sulphide nanoparticles in macrotyloma uniflorum Lam Verdc Family LeguminosaeHalder, SandipDatta, Animesh Kumar and Chattopadhyay