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4-Jan-2016An investigation on tissue culture and bioactivity of ocimum Lamiaceae with special reference to application of molecular marker in understanding genetic fidelity and phylogenetic relationshipSaha, SoumenGhosh, P.D and Sengupta, C
4-Jan-2016Biological control of predominant cucumber Cucumis sativus L diseases by plant growth promoting rhizobacteriaSen, KonineekaSengupta, Chandan
1-Mar-2016Induced chemical mutagenesis Ethyl methane sulphonate and Hydroxylamine in abelmoschus moschatus L medic family MalvaceaeDubey, Priyanka KumariDatta, Animesh Kumar
9-Aug-2018Morphological biochemical and molecular characterization of some wild edible mushroom of eastern Chotonagpur part of West BengalDas, Sudip KumarDatta, Animesh Kumar
29-Jan-2016Studies on the cytomorphological and biochemical aspects of some corchorus spp F1 hybrids and their derivatives and evaluation of induced macromutants of C Olitorius in advanced generationsMandal, AnindaDatta, Animesh Kumar
17-Feb-2016Induced mutagenesis in Nigella Sativa L black cumin with special emphasis to genetic male sterilityMukherjee, SuchetanaDatta, Animesh Kumar
13-Aug-2018Taxonomic studies on the genus Dendrobium Sw Orchidaceae in IndiaSabapathy, C MChowdhery, H J
13-Aug-2018Changes in defence related enzymes in rice responding to challenge by Rhizoctonia SolaniMondal, AbantikaChaudhuri, Sujata
21-Jan-2016Assessment of phytodiversity in correlation with physico chemical parameters of water and soil samples of SunderbansBrahma, GoutamMukherjee, Sobhan Kumar
21-Aug-2018Induced chemical mutagenesis Ethylmethane sulphonate and diethyl sulphate in andrographis paniculata Burm F nees Family AcanthaceaeKumar, Ghosh BenoyDatta, Animesh K