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5-Mar-2018Aquatic Flora of South 24 Parganas with Reference to Pollen MorphologyChakraborty, RudrajitMondal, M S and Mukherjee, Sobhan K
5-Mar-2018Diversity Analysis of Alternaria Species In Nadia District Of West BengalDas,TapotiChaudhuri, Sujata and Das, Srikanta
13-Mar-2018Bioevaluation of calotropis procera R_Br_in relation to its antifungal effect for management of botrytis blight disease of rosa indica L_ plantsSk, SurajChatterjee, Padma
13-Mar-2018Study of ethnomedical plant diversity of rayagada district_orissa_ indiaBaul, AmulyaMukherjee, Sobhan K and Dhal, Nabin Kumar
13-Mar-2018Studies of micromorphological features of some members of compositae and their taxonomic significanceRoy, BabluMukherjee, Sobhan K and Maiti, Gaur Gopal
1-May-2019Comparative study of chemical and organic inputs for sustainable production of folk and modern varieties of ricePaul, AnupamSengupta, Chandan
15-Mar-2018Characterization of cadmium resistant bacterial isolates and evaluation of their bioremediation efficacyPaul, AbhishekDatta, Bejoysekhar
15-Mar-2018Development of molecular signature in three cultivated species of cymbopogon and identification of sex linked markers in richosanthes dioica roxb and cucumis sativus L based on Rapd_ ISSR and AFLP analysisAdhikari, SinchanGhosh, P.D and Bandyopadhyay
15-Mar-2018Isolation characterization and application of the plant growth promoting rhizobacteria PGPR inhabiting the rhizosphere of sesbania bispinosa _DhainchaDasgupta, DipanwitaSengupta, Chandan and Paul, Goutam
15-Mar-2018Numerical analysis of morpho_anatomical characters of cypselas in some species of the family asteraceaeShil, AbhijitMukherjee, Sobhan K