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8-Jul-2016Host nutrition on epidemic development of leaf blight of sunflower under different soil fertility conditionDas Roy, ShirsenduChaudhuri, Sujata
17-Feb-2016Induced mutagenesis in Nigella Sativa L black cumin with special emphasis to genetic male sterilityMukherjee, SuchetanaDatta, Animesh Kumar
15-Jun-2016In vivo and in vitro assessments of some potential anti cancerous drugs on plant systemSamanta, AveekDatta, Animesh Kumar and Datta, Siraj
16-Jun-2016Macrofungal diversity in forest litter and exploration of the feasibility of using litter decomposing fungi as bioremediantsPramanik, SatadruChaudhuri, Sujata
15-Jun-2016Physiological attributes related to hyperaccumulation of cadmium in Marsilea minuta L with reference to polyamineDas, KingsukAdak, M.K
17-Feb-2016Physiological basis of hyperaccumulation of aluminium and induction of antioxidative activity by polyamine in an aquatic fern Salvinia natans LMandal, ChiranjibAdak, M.K
18-Feb-2016Studies on bioactive potentialities of some phytochemicals isolated from Curcuma longa L and Curcuma caesia Roxb with special reference to their genetically true to type propagation through in vitro culture techniqueGhosh, ArghyaChatterjee, Padma and Ghosh, Parthadeb
13-Mar-2018An investigation on ex situ conservation of certain threatened plants of Indian sundarbans and assessment of their biological activityKader, AbdulSinha, Sankar Narayan and Ghosh, Parthadeb
5-Mar-2018An Investigation on Bioactivity of Certain Mangrove Plant Species of Indian Sundarbans with Special Reference to Application of Molecular Marker in Understanding Genetic DiversityDas, Surya ShekharGhosh, Parthadeb
5-Mar-2018Isolation Characterization and Exploitation of Cellulolytic mesophylic bacteria from soilBhowmick, RajaSengupta, Chandan