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20-Aug-2018Survey and assessment of need and tissue culture of certain economically important tree plants Azadirachta indica A Juss Anacardium occidentale L Dalbergia sissoo Roxb exDc Cassia fistula LRoy, Subhash KantiGhosh, P
20-Aug-2018Study on the genus Primula Linn Primulaceae Vent Volume 2 Plates FiguresBasak, Sandip KumarHajra, P K; Maiti, G G
20-Aug-2018Studies on planet environment interaction in relation to phenotypic expressions and andrographolide production in Andrographis paniculate NeesPhurailatpam, ArunkumarMaiti, G G
20-Aug-2018Taxonomic studies on the genus Eria Lindl Orchidaceae in IndiaAgrawala, Dinesh KumarChowdhery, H J
1-Aug-2018Isolation characterization and genetic evaluation of different induced mutant lines recovered in grass pea Lathyrus Sativus LTalukdar, DibyenduBiswas, Amal Krishna
1-Aug-2018Taxonomic revision of the genus Litsea lam Lauraceae in IndiaBhuinya, TrinaMukherjee, Sobhan Kr
31-Jul-2018Analysis of molecular genetic diversity and cryopreservation of yam Dioscorea spp germplasmMandal, PapiyaBhat, K V; Biswas, A K
31-Jul-2018Genetic transformation for increased abiotic stress tolerance in rice with special reference to excess saltSarangi, SusmitaGhosh, P D
31-Jul-2018Morphogenetical and biochemical evaluation of some grain Amaranth genotypesHazra, KalyanMukherjee, S K
31-Jul-2018Ecological investigations on mangroves of the Sundarban tiger reserve in West Bengal India with special reference to effective conservation through management practicesMukherjee, SubratMaiti, G G