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27-Aug-2018Induced mutagenesis in withania somnifera L dunMohsina, IqbalDatta, Animesh K
31-Jul-2018Genetic evaluation of rice showing tolerance to zn deficiency prevalent in acid soil of Terai zoneDey, ChandraSarkar, K K
9-Aug-2018Studies on the biology and control of bacterial wilt of tomato caused by Ralstonia solanacearum race 1Kanjilal, SudiptoSamaddar, K R
9-Aug-2018Estimation of genetic diversity of chrysanthemum morifolium ramat using traditional and molecular RAPD techniquesChatterjee, JollyBiswas, A K
20-Aug-2018Combining ability analysis and remedial measures of self incompatibility in Brassica campestrisMahapatra, SaibalBiswas, A K
20-Aug-2018Genetic evaluation of certain germplasms of cashewnut Anacardium occidentale LMandal, SwapanGhosh, P
20-Aug-2018In vivo and in vitro investigations in two species of Cymbopogon C winterianus Jowitt and C flexuosus Steud Wats with special reference to somatic embryogenesis and analysis of somaclonal variants using molecular marker RAPDDey, TulsiGhosh, P D
13-Aug-2018Studies on the flora and ethnobotany of West Dinajpur District West Bengal India Volume 1Mitra, SunitMukherjee, Sobhan K
20-Aug-2018Studies on cytogenetical genetical and biochemical consequences of induced chemical mutagensis in sesame Sesamum indicum LSengupta, SonaliDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018Isolation characterization and exploitation of growth promoting substances of Lantana camara LBiswas, SutapaChaudhuri, Sujata