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20-Aug-2018Cytological and cytogenetical consequences of induced mutagenesis Gamma rays and EMS of four spice yielding plants of umbelliferae Apium graveolens L Cuminum cyminum L Foeniculum vulgare Mill and Trachyospermum amni LPaul, RitaDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018Studies on the cytological and cytogenetical consequences of induced mutagenesis and polyploidy in Nigella damascena LGhosh, AninditaDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018Biochemical basis of elevated temperature induced increased susceptibility of rice bean against Macrophomina phaseolinaKundu, SusantaSamaddar, K R
21-Aug-2018Radiation induced mutagenesis in sesame Sesamum indicum LChowdhury, SandipanDatta, Animesh Kumar
27-Aug-2018Induced mutagenesis in withania somnifera L dunMohsina, IqbalDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018Studies on cytogenetical genetical and biochemical consequences of induced chemical mutagensis in sesame Sesamum indicum LSengupta, SonaliDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018Induced mutagenesis in Nigella sativa LRang, Subhendu KumarDatta, Animesh K
20-Aug-2018An investigation on heavy metal toxicity in tomato under in vivo and in vitro conditionDe, BiswajitGhosh, P D
31-Jul-2018Studies on mangroves mangrove on the seedlings and their ecological impacts on the estuarine ecosystem of Sundarbans West BengalSarkar, Amal KumarMukherjee, Sobhan Kr; Maiti, Gaur Gopal
5-Sep-2018Studies on the effects of ethyl methane sulphonate and X ray treatment of dry seeds of linseed Linum usitatissimum LDutta, Tapas KumarBhattacharyya, N K