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31-Jul-2018Genetic evaluation of rice showing tolerance to zn deficiency prevalent in acid soil of Terai zoneDey, ChandraSarkar, K K
20-Aug-2018Genetic and cytogenetic investigations in Sesamum sppMitra, Ashis KumarBiswas, A K
20-Aug-2018Studies on genetic variability and its utilization in lentil Lens culinarisBiswas, SukumarBiswas, A K
20-Aug-2018In vivo and in vitro investigations in two species of Cymbopogon C winterianus Jowitt and C flexuosus Steud Wats with special reference to somatic embryogenesis and analysis of somaclonal variants using molecular marker RAPDDey, TulsiGhosh, P D
20-Aug-2018Studies on characterization genetic variability genetic diversity and relationship of different traits on land races of rice Oryza sativa LChakravorty, AshimGhosh, P D
9-Aug-2018Studies on genetic improvement of Indian ginseng Withania somnifera L Dun var Jawahar 22 and poshita using induced mutagenesis polyploidization and in vitro tissue culture approachesDas, AnanyaDatta, Animesh Kumar; Ghose, S K
21-Aug-2018Genetics and cytomorphological studies in rice bean Vigna umbellata Ohwi and Ohashi Syn Phaseolus calcaratusSarkar, ArupBhattacharya, Sima
21-Aug-2018Induced chemical mutagenesis Ethylmethane sulphonate and diethyl sulphate in andrographis paniculata Burm F nees Family AcanthaceaeKumar, Ghosh BenoyDatta, Animesh K
13-Aug-2018Study on adaptability of germplasms and induced mutation in pigeonpea Cajanus cajanDas, MausumiBiswas, A K
2-Aug-2018Genetic studies on combining ability in Nigella sativa LMaiti, SanjuktaBiswas, A K