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5-Mar-2013Electrical, optical and structural studies on thin films of cadmium sulphide,zinc sulphide ,manganese sulphide and on multilayer films of copper phthalocyanineVarghese, ShajiMenon, C S
8-Feb-2013Growth and characterization of rare earth mixed oxalate crystals of Cerium, Lanthanum and NeodymumJohn, Mercy VIttyachen, M A
18-Feb-2013Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies of selected glaserite crystalsJoseph, GeorgekuttyGodfrey, L
8-Jan-2013Investigations on the Electrical, Optical and Structural properties of Metal Phthalocyanine Thin films Mg Pc, Fe Pc and Zn PcKrishnakumar, K PMenon, C S
8-Jan-2013Studies on winds and waves in the Equatorial Troposphere and Lower stratosphereDeepa, VSasi, M N
18-Feb-2013Electrical properties, optical and structural studies and Schottky device fabrication in thin films of the organic semiconductors – CdPc, InPcCl and AlPcClSamuel, MammenUnnikrishnan, N V
28-Jan-2013Third Order Elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of the trigonal crystals CaCO3, Bi and LiNbO3Philip , ThresiammaIndulekha, K; Menon, C S
28-Jan-2013Growth, characterization and study of physical properties of double rare earth oxalate crystalsElizabeth, AnitIttyachen, M A
5-Mar-2013Development and characterization of Barium Rare Earth Zirconates, a new group of complex Perovskites for their Potential use as substrates for high Tc SuperconductorsJose, RKoshy, Jacob
28-Jan-2013Some physical and topological studies on phthalocyanine thin films – CuPc, CoPc and NiPcJoseph, BennyMenon, C S