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11-Jan-2016Effectiveness of specific stabilization Exercises for pelvic girdle pain Following caesarean section delivery a Randomized controlled trialDr.Prashant B. MukkannavarDr.B.R.Desai
11-Jan-2016Cardiovascular and Respiratory responses to Valsalva maneuver Isometric hand grip exercise and Harvard step test and recovery in healthy individualsDr Sanjiv KumarDr. A V Kothiwale
11-Jan-2016Comparative study on Electromyography EMG biofeedback and Galvanic Skin Resistance GSR biofeedback in Tension Type HeadacheVeena BembalgiDr. Karkal Ravishankar Naik
11-Jan-2016Molecular characterization and quantification Of toll like receptors in classical swine fever Virus infection in swineVeeresh B. HanchinalDr.S.V.Hiremath
11-Jan-2016Predicting Neurological Outcome in Very Low Birth Weight Infants Using Movement Assessment of Infants A Longitudinal StudyDr.Deepa MetgudDr.V.D.Patil
11-Jan-2016Evaluation of Effectiveness of Psychological Interventions on distress among infertile women undergoing infertility treatmentSangeeta KhardeDr Shobhana Patted
11-Jan-2016Effect Of Multimodality Chest Physiotherapy On The Rate Of Recovery And Prevention Of Complications In Patients With Mechanical Ventilation A Prospective Study In Medical And Surgical Intensive Care UnitsRenu B. Pattanshetty
11-Jan-2016Efficacy of Once a Week vs Daily Supplementation of 200 mg of ferrous sulphate for control of anaemia in school going menstruating adolescent girls a stratified individually randomized open label control trailSangeeta A MoreshwarDr.Vijaya A Naik
11-Jan-2016Effectiveness of Tailor Made Exercise Intervention for Low back Pain and pelvic Girdle Pain during Pregnancy A Randomizes Controlled TrailDr. Arati RamannavarDr Shobhana Patted
11-Jan-2016study of static Yoga Repetitive yoga vs exercise therapy intervention in management of mechanical low back painDhanesh Kumar K.UDr.B.B.Putti