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8-Jan-2016Anthropometric Norms of Pleasing Face and their Comparison in Rhinoplasty SurgeryShenavi Keluskar K. M.Dr. N. D. Zingade
8-Jan-2016Assessment of Validity of Cariogam and Caries Risk Before and after application of Specific Preventive Intervention among 12 years old school children in Belgaum cityDr.Mamata HebbalDr.Anil V Ankola
11-Jan-2016Evaluation of Effectiveness of Psychological Interventions on distress among infertile women undergoing infertility treatmentSangeeta KhardeDr Shobhana Patted
21-Jan-2016Evaluation of Enzymatic and Non Enzymatic Markers in Atherosclerotic Coronary Heart DiseasePreeti GuptaDesai, P B
21-Jan-2016Evaluation of Hearing after Ossiculoplasty using autograft incus and prosthesis PORPAmith NaragundDr.R.S.Mudhol
11-Jan-2016Effectiveness of specific stabilization Exercises for pelvic girdle pain Following caesarean section delivery a Randomized controlled trialDr.Prashant B. MukkannavarDr.B.R.Desai
11-Jan-2016Comparative study on Electromyography EMG biofeedback and Galvanic Skin Resistance GSR biofeedback in Tension Type HeadacheVeena BembalgiDr. Karkal Ravishankar Naik
25-Jan-2016An Engineered Specificity Of Tamoxifen Loaded Stealth Liposomes Design And CharacterizationDeepak S. MaliDr F V Manvi
4-Feb-2016Prospective Pharmacoeconomic Surveillance Of Therapeutic Interventions For Coronary Thrombosis In Cardiac Patients Admitted To Tertiary Care HospitalTarun WadhwaDr. P.A.Patil
4-Feb-2016Investigation and Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of Barringtonia acutangula Garcinia indica and Feronia elephantum fruit extracts in Wistar ratsNayeem A.KhatibDr. P.A.Patil