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14-Aug-2020Studies on marine cyanobacteria as a source of anti_infective agents against quorum sensing mediated virulence factors production and biofilm formation of vibrio spp_ in aquacultureSanthakumari, SVeera Ravi, A
23-Jun-2020In vitro conservation and hairy root induction in industrially important Indian medicinal plants Bacopa Monnieri l_ and Clitoria Ternatea lSagina Rency, ARamesh, M
22-May-2020Development of phytol loaded PLGA nanoparticles for the therapeutic intervention of alzheimers disease_a preclinical studySathya, SPandima Devi, K
21-May-2020Biotechnological approaches for conservation of nilgirianthus ciliatus nees bremek_an endemic and vulnerable Indian medicinal plantRameshkumar, RRamesh, M
24-Mar-2020Understanding the role of host and pathogen specific proteins during their interactions by employing proteomic approachDilawar Ahmad MirBalamurugan, K
29-Aug-2019Anticancer mechanism of and#946;_sitosterol and daucosterol_phytosterols from grewia tiliaefolia_on human lung cancer cells_an in vitro studyRajavel, TPandima Devi, K
22-Aug-2019Protective potential of padina gymnospora and its active compound and#945;_bisabolol against the neurotoxic and#946;_amyloid peptide_an in vitro and in vivo studyShanmuganathan, BPandima Devi, K
22-Aug-2019Anti_quorum sensing and antibiofilm potential of piper betle and its bioactive metabolite phytol against certain gram negative bacterial pathogens_ an in vitro and in vivo studySrinivasan, RVeera Ravi, A
14-Aug-2019Studies on the inhibitory efficacy of certain plant derived secondary metabolites against staphylococcus spp_biofilm formationKannappan, ARVeera Ravi, A
14-Aug-2019Deciphering the efficacy of natural bioactive agents against the virulence and biofilm formation of certain opportunistic human and aquatic bacterial pathogensRama Devi, KVeera Ravi, A
12-Jul-2018Understanding the role of specific innate Immune regulations in Caenorhabditis Elegans during Shigella Flexneri M9OT InfectionMaruthu Pandiyan, SBalamurugan, K
25-Jun-2018Investigation of modulation in immune response of caenorhabditis elegans against staphylococcus aureus and proteus mirabilis infections through transcriptomic and proteomic approachesPrithika, UBalamurugan, K
11-Jun-2018Unraveling the UV a mediated photoaging process using model nematode caenorhabditis elegansPrasanth M IyerBalamurugan, K
1-May-2018Synthesis characterization applications of chitin nanoparticles and its compositesSolairaj, DRameshthangam, P
27-Apr-2018Multi targeted neurotherapeutics against alzheimers disease Evaluating the role of grewia tiliaefolia and its active constituent vitexin in preventing AD related pathogenesisSheeja Malar, DPandima Devi, K
26-Apr-2018Invitro regeneration and agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of elite waxy indica rice CV IR36 with oryzsaativa stress associated protein 8 to improve abiotic stress toleranceRadhesh Krishnan, SRamesh, M
25-Apr-2018Stable production and quality improvement of Indian finger millet eleusine coracana L through avoidance tolerance to droughtLakkakula SatishRamesh, M
20-Apr-2018Exploration of Bacterial diversity and functional aspects of marine sediment through Metagenomics and MetaproteomicsAravindraja, CKarutha Pandian, S
14-Jun-2017Development of drought and salinity tolerant Indica Rice CV IR64 through agrobacterium mediated transformationMohana Priya, ARamesh, M
14-Jun-2017Efficacy of quorum sensing and biofilm inhibitors from natural sources against certain bacterial pathogens and their effect on the proteome of pseudomonas aeruginosa and serratia marcescensSethupathy, SKarutha Pandian, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 48