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16-Mar-2017Application of N Phenyl Isocyanodichloride Nphenyl S Chloro Isothiocarbamoyl Chloride and Iodine in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic SystemsDeohate P PBerad B N
10-Feb-2015Chelate Polymers of Transition Metal Ions with Schiff Base LigandsBahad P JBhave N S
31-Jul-2013Chelete Polymers of transition metal ions with Schiff Base LigandsBahad, Prakash JBhave, N S
13-Oct-2016Chemically Modifies Metal Oxides as Catalytic Sensor Preparation Characterization And ApplicationsPatil S SChoudhary G N
16-Mar-2017Chemistry of 3 Aroyl Avanones and ChalconesDighade S RChincholkar M M
15-Dec-2015Chemistry of 3 Aroyl FlavanonesWankhade B BChincholkar M M
25-Jul-2013DNA finger printing and comparative genetic analysis of susceptible and resistant strains of Helicoverpa ArmigeraMohd RizwanKhan, Zia Ul Hasan
10-Oct-2016Electrical Conduction Mechanism and Other Physical Properties of Polymer Composite SystemsDeshmukh P TChoudhary G N
30-Jan-2017Importance of Dihydro Formazons and Aroyl Thiosemicarbazide in the Synthesis of Hetero Cyclic Systems Containing Nitrogen Oxygen and Sulphur as HeteroatomIngole P SBerad B N
15-Nov-2016Iodo Flaonoids in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic CompoundsGudadhe S KJamode V S
1-May-2018Napthyl Anlogus Flavonoids in the Synthesis of Oxygen and Nitrogen HeterocyclesParanjape M VWadotkar K N
2-Aug-2013Physico-chemical investigations of some transition Metal ComplexesAswale, S RAswar, A S
15-Dec-2015Physicochemical Studies in Mixed Ligand Complexes of Some Rare Elements and Their Biological ApplicationsRithe S KMhaske T H
4-Apr-2017Physicochemical Studies in Mixed Ligand Complexes of Some Rare Elements and Their Biological ApplicationsRithe S KMhaske T H
4-Apr-2017Preparation Characterization and Sensing Behavior of Metal OxidesBende A MChoudhari G N
4-Apr-2017Preparative and Structural Studies of Some Chelate PolymersBodade A BAswar A S
1-Oct-2014Prevalence of Nephrolithiasis and Its correlation With Biochemical Parameters in Patients From Marathwada RegionDeshmukh S RKhan Zia-Ul-Hasan
13-Oct-2016Reaction and Reactivity of 3 4 Methylenedioxy Dioxy Benzaldehyde PiperonalKhadsan R EDhosi A G
2-Jan-2014Reactions of p Chloro m Cresol in the Synthesis of Oxygen and Nitrogen HeterocyclesRajput, N DDoshi, A G
12-Feb-2015Reactions Of 2 Acetyl 1 Naphthol In The Synthesis Of Oxygen And Nitrogen HeterocyclesKadu V BDoshi A G