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7-Jun-2019Studies on toxicity of copper and cadmium in the catfish heteropneustes fossilis bloch in relation to ph variationGuite Lily LianmuankimS. N. Ramanujam
11-Jun-2019Limnological studies on floodplain lakes of Majuli river island AssamHatimuria Mrinal KumarB. K. Sharma
11-Jun-2019Studies on radioactivity levels and trace elements in earthworms of uranium containing soils of meghalayaDkhar Lavinia M.S. N. Ramanujam
11-Jun-2019Effects of ph temperature and food on the development and morphology of some organs of ranid and rhacophorid tadpolesDevi Longjam MerindaR. N. K. Hooroo
12-Jun-2019Limnological studies in selected floodplain lakes of lower Assam with emphasis on plankton diversity and their ecological relationshipsKhan Shaikhul IslamB. K. Sharma
12-Jun-2019Limnological studies on Loktak lake and its adjacent basins ManipurHaokip T.PaongamB. K. Sharma
12-Jun-2019Studies on breeding biology of an endangered frog rana leptoglossa cope 1868Saha Biplab KumarB. B. P. Gupta
12-Jun-2019Studies on histopathology and oxidative stress due to copper and cadmium toxicity in the airbreathing catfish heteropneustes fossilis blochPaul RajivS. N. Ramanujam
12-Jun-2019Expression of certain genes involved in insulin signaling in silkworm bombyx mori and its hormonal regulation under fed and food deprived conditionsBembem ThounaojamBela Keshan
22-Aug-2019Evaluation of anticancer activity and antioxidant properties of propolis from meghalayaTurnia IbanrikyntiS.B. Prasad