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6-Apr-2019Acidified and alkaline chlorine dioxide bleaching of clone wood pulps and their environmental impactSankaralingam PSankar A
27-Mar-2019An investigation on the synthesis characterization in vitro biological and catalytic activities of binuclear and mesoporous schiff base cu ii ni ii complexes and cuo nanoparticlesMalathy MRajavel R
8-Jul-2014Anti corrosive behaviour of methacrylate based organic copolymers coating on the corrosion of austenitic low nickel stainless steel by electroanalytical studiesGovindaraju, K MGopi, D
13-Mar-2015Biochemical studies and applications of teas in biosynthesis of metal nanoparticlesSrividhya BRaj V
25-Jan-2019Chemical and electrochemical synthesis of some doped polymers and evaluation of their corrosion inhibition performance in acid mediumAnanth Kumar SSankar A
11-Mar-2014A comparative study of inhibition efficency of various corrosion under different environmentsMatheswaran, PRamasamy, A K
12-Jun-2017coordination behaviour of thiosemicarbazone hydrazone ligands in ruthenium ii nickle ii complexes synthesis characterization crystal structure and applicationsSelvamurugan SViswanathamurthi P
8-Apr-2019Copper ii schiff base complexes immobilized silica matrix for catalytic applicationsAnbarasu GRajavel R
24-Dec-2019Corrosion inhibition performance of some synthesized schiff bases on corrosion of mild steel in hcl solutionNithya PSankar A
17-Feb-2020Design and synthesis of fluorogenic switches for detection of ionic and neutral analytes applications in real samples and live cell imagingGomathi AViswanathamurthi P
10-May-2018Design and synthesis of ruthenium and copper complexes with heterodentate thiosemicarbazone hydrazone ligands ligands for nalkylation catalysisRamachandran RViswanathamurathi P
16-Oct-2015Design synthesis and antioxidant evaluation of some novel heterocyclic compoundsParameswaran KLalitha A
10-May-2018Developmenatl of mineralized bioceramic coatings on eleectron beam treated titanium for orthopedic applicationsKarthika AGopi D
17-Dec-2015Development and application of electrochemical nano biosensors using modified aluminium electrodesSilambarasan JRaj V
17-Dec-2015Development of carbon nanotubes reinforced bioceramic composite coatings on titanium for orthopedic applicationsShiny Joy EGopi D
29-Aug-2019Development of mineralized bio ceramic coatings on implant substrate by electrodeposition methodChozhanathmisra MRajavel R
12-Jun-2017Development of mineralized bioceramic coatincs on electron beam treated titanium for orthopedic applicationsKarthika AGopi D
17-Feb-2020Development of mineralized bioceramic metal oxide bilayer coating on surgical grade stainless steel for biomedical applicationsSridevi CMaheswaran P
27-Mar-2019Development of mineralized hydroxyapatite metal oxide duplex layer coatings on magnesium alloy for orthopedic applicationsMurugan NRajavel R
17-Dec-2015Development of new greener methodologies towards the synthesis of biologically important cyano and hetero aromatic building blocksRamesh SLalitha A