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18-Feb-2021Antimicrobial Nanobiodegradable Packaging for Shelf Life Extension FoodsHema Prabha PRanganathan T V
18-Feb-2021Process Development for Little Millet Panicum Sumatrense L based Milk BeverageReni AGobikrishnan S
11-Oct-2021Development of Anthocyanin based Film for Rapid Detection of Spoilage in Fresh MilkNikki John KannampillyThangavel. K
22-Feb-2021Therapeutic Efficacy of Lipo Atra in Benzo A Pyrene induced Lung Cancer Mice and its Targeted Action on RAR and#946; Gene ExpressionViswanathan. SBerlin Grace. V.M
22-Feb-2021Strategy for early callus induction characterization and elicitation of anti Snake Venom Triterpenoids through Suspension Cultures and EUPHORBIA HIRTA LinnGandepalli Pratap KumarDavid Paul Raj. R.S
22-Feb-2021Identification of Potential Therapeutic Targets and Investigation of Membrane binding Propensity of and#945; Synclein Repeats in Parkinsons DiseaseGincy GeorgeJobin Varkey and Jannel Vennila. J
22-Feb-2021Exploring the Bioactivity of Marine Bromophenols against the Virulent Proteins of PORPHYROMONAS GINGIVALIS an in SILICO and VITRO ApproachChikoo Chrry Abraham CherianJannet Vennila. J
6-Oct-2021Studies of Proteome through Hydrophobic Residences by Computational methods in Malarial Parasite Plasmodium FALCIPARUM 3D7Balamurugan PAfroz Alam MD
6-Oct-2021Development of STREPTOMYCES SP based Formulation and Evaluation of its Biocontrol Efficacy against Damping off Pathogen Pythium Aphanidermatum in Gmelina ArboreaBeena Kanimozhi RDavid Paul Raj R S
6-Oct-2021Isolation and Characterization of Novel Bioactive Compounds from XENORHABDUS Species and Evaluation of its Efficacy for the Control of Dengue Vector AEDES AEGYPTI and DENV type 2 VirusJissin MathewVani C