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24-Dec-2018Treatment of coffee effluent using selected plant materials and bacterial strainsPadmapriya R.Thirunalasundari T.
21-Dec-2018Transgenic studies to enhance the isoflavone content in Indian soybean cultivar Glycine max L MerrillTheboral J.Ganapathi A. and Manickavasagam M.
22-Aug-2019Molecular Mechanisms Of Tributyltin Induced Alterations In Cholesterol Homeostasis And Steroidogenesis In Syrian Hamster Testis In Vivo And In Vitro StudiesKanimozhi V.Kadalmani B.
23-May-2019Anticancer potentials of costunolide isolated from Costus speciosus on breast cancerAnita Roy A.Rajalakshmi M.
23-May-2019Studies on bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons with reference to ligninolytic potential of Selected fungi and bacteriaSubash N.Sasikumar C.
18-Jun-2019Exploration of anti urolithiatic activity of Pedalium murex L against struvite Crystal an approach of in Vitro in Vivo and in silico ModelRamadevi S.Kaleeswaran B.
20-May-2019Effects of pre sowing soaking treatment of seeds with nacl and kcl on mobilization of storage reserves during germination and further growth in gossypium hirsutum l var mcu9 and heliathus annuus l var co2Mary Anselem XavierVivekanandan M.
20-May-2019Cytomorphlogical and molecular characterization of selected cyanobacteriaBhuvaneshwari T.Prabaharan D.
20-May-2019Studies on selected candidate genes and their interactions in type 2 diabetes from south indiaRathika C.Balakrishnan K.
20-May-2019Genetic transformation of sugarcane saccharum spp hybrids using chitinase genes for red rot colletotrichum falcatum went resistanceSudhakar B.Ganapathi A.