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27-May-2019Vermicomposting and Composting of Musa paradisica Leaf waste using Eisenia fetida a comparative studyRama L.Vasanthy M.
27-May-2019Metagenomic Studies on Microbial Diversity of Mangrove Soil Its Functional Relationship and Biomedical Potential of Fluostatin CDinesh S.L.Sundararaman M.
27-May-2019Knowledge based computational approach for target identification and prediction of side effects of anti cancer drugsSuveena S.Rajalakshmi M.
27-May-2019Molecular characterization of Olfactory receptor from silkworm Bombyx moriArun Prasanna V.Krishnan M.
27-May-2019Biodiesel Production from Marine Cyanobacteria A PlausibilityUma V.S.Prabaharan D.
27-May-2019Impact of web based instruction as guided design tool on attainment of mastery learning in Chemistry at tertiary level among Heterogeneous studentsSudha A.Amutha S.
27-May-2019Effectiveness of multi sensory integration Approach on enhancing memory and achievement In science among IX standard studentsPrasannakumar S.Saminathan B.
27-May-2019Enhancing reading performance of students at Risk of dyslexia in english through strategic Orientation supplemented with technologyKamala R.Ramganesh E.
27-May-2019Effectiveness of using short films based On thirukkural in teaching value Education to D T Ed teacher traineesManonmani K.Rajendra Prasad M.
28-May-2019Isolation and Characterization of Emerging Opportunistic Pathogens From Hospitalized AIDS Patients of Karur District And Antimicrobial Screening of Local Medicinal Plants on Opportunistic PathogensAuxilia A.Francis Xavier T.