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7-Feb-2020A study on high temperature phase stability And phase transformation characteristics in Ti Ta and Ti Ta Nb alloys using calorimetry and Microscopy techniquesMADHUSMITA BEHERASaroja Saibaba
23-Sep-2013Analytical characterization of technologically important materials using TXRF and EDXRFLenka, Sangita DharaAggarwal, S K; Misra, N L
18-Mar-2015Antimony adsorption and its inhibition on carbon steel and magnetite surfaces in chemical decontamination processMittal, Vinit KumarNarasimhan, S V
6-Feb-2020Application of biomaterials and nanomaterials In environmental remediationSURESHKUMAR M KR M Tripathi
6-Feb-2020Asymmetric strategies for the Synthesis of biologically relevant MoleculesDibakar GoswamiA Chattopadhyay
7-Apr-2016Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive polyolsChatterjee, SuchetaChattopadhyay,S
6-Feb-2020Asymmetric Synthesis of Some Biologically Relevant Oxygenated Heterocyclic CompoundsPAPIYA GHOSHS. Chattopadhyay
7-Feb-2020Binding and transport of radionuclides in natural and synthetic environment a computational studyBiswajit SadhuTusar Bandyopadhyay
8-Sep-2015Calorimetric characterization of phase stability and phase transformation kinetics in uranium based alloysRai, Arun KumarVijayalakshmi, M
7-Feb-2020Catalytic Transformations Based on Pincer and Half Sandwich Ruthenium ComplexesBasujit ChatterjeeC Gunanathan
6-Feb-2020Cellular localization pro oxidant antioxidant effects of natural products and organometallics in normal and tumor cellsAMIT KUNWARK I Priyadarsini
23-Sep-2013Characterization of groundwater in the coastal aquifers of Pondicherry region using chemical, isotopic and geochemical modeling approacheTirumalesh KRamakumar K L
30-Sep-2013Charge transfer dynamics in quantum dot and quantum dot based nanostructuresKaniyankandy, SreejithGhosh, H N
7-Feb-2020Chemical aspects of dissolution of fast reactor nuclear fuelN. DESIGANU Kamachi Mudali
24-Sep-2012Chemical characterisation of nuclear materials for trace elementsRamanjaneyulu, P SRamakumar, K L
6-Feb-2020Chromatographic and mass spectrometric studies For Lanthanides actinides And Platinum group elementsPranaw KumarS K Aggarwal
24-Sep-2013Computational investigations on the structure and reactivity of nanomaterialsJena, Naresh KumarGhosh, Swapan K
19-Sep-2013Conformations of molecules containing and#960; systems: matrix isolation infrared and AB initio studiesKar, Bishnu PrasadSundararajan, K
19-Mar-2015Corrosion behaviour of materials for the nuclear high level waste storage applicationSamantaroy, Pradeep KumarMudali, Kamachi U
7-Feb-2020Corrosion of austenitic stainless steels in nitric acid At transpassive potentials effect of material and Process parametersSHAGUFTAA V R Reddy