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14-Dec-2020Catalysis by Iron and Manganese Pincer ComplexesSuhas Shahaji GawaliC Gunanathan
14-Dec-2020Synthesis Mechanistic Study and Interaction of metal Nanoparticals with Biologically importent MoleculesABHISHEK DASSudhir Kapoor
27-Jul-2020investigations of open framework metal sulfite sulfite oxalate and related materialstiwari ranjay kumar dashrathJ. N. Behera
27-Jul-2020experimental and quantum chemical studies on the extraction of actinides using organophosphorous compounds elucidating structural effects and third phase formationaditi chandrasekarN. Sivaraman
27-Jul-2020study of high temperature phase stability and thermo physical properties of fe cr based alloysraj narayan hajraSaroja Saibaba
27-Jul-2020studies on radiation synthesized conducting polymeric nano composites for chemiresistive sensorsraj kumar mondalLalit Varshney
27-Jul-2020synthesis of nanomaterials for energy conversion and environmental applicationspallavi singhalSanjay Kumar jha
27-Jul-20201 d 2 d 3 d hybrid based on carbon nitride and metal or metal oxide nanostructures materials for environmental and electrochemical energy applicationsmanas kumar kunduSudip Barman
27-Jul-2020studies on nano inclusion assisted enhancement in thermal conductivity and photo thermal conversion of organic phase change materialsamit kumar mishraJohn Philip
27-Jul-2020electrochemical studies of actinides using bis trifluoromethylsulphonyl imide ntf2 based room temperature ionic liquidskavitha jayachandranS. Kannan