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12-Apr-2021Angular and momentum distribution of vector mesons produced in proton proton and heavy ion collisions at LHC energiesSourav KunduBedangdas Mohanty
28-Jan-2021Design and development of wireless acoustic Emission sensor system for structural health Monitoring applicationsChandan Kumar BhagatC K Mukhopadhyay
1-Feb-2021Analysis of Radioisotope Depletion and Generation Using Klopfenstein Shampine Family of Numerical Diffrentiation FormulaGyan Chandra ChauthwaniUmasankari Kannan
1-Feb-2021Functional analysis of three genes downregulated in a non conidiating mutant of Trichoderma virensRAVINDRA BANSALP K Mukherjee
1-Feb-2021Multiwavelength long term Monitoring and spectral energy Distribution modeling of bright active Galactic nuclei markarian 421Biswajit BanerjeePratik Mujumdar
1-Feb-2021Naphthalimide naphthaldehyde and benzaldehyde based fluorescent materials Synthesis of 1 2 disubstituted ferrocenes from ferrocenyl p tolyl sulphoxideRamu V Ranga Naidu ChintaV Krishnan
2-Feb-2021Composite Higgs and Physics Beyond the Standard ModelAVIK BANERJEEGautam Bhattacharyaa
15-Oct-2020Theories Techniques and Tools for High Integrity Heterogeneous Embedded SystemsAmol WakankarA K Bhattacharjee
16-Oct-2020Starvation induced physiological changes in Vibrio choleraeShridhar Suresh ParanjapeShashidhar R
16-Oct-2020Surface characterization and optimization of wire electric discharge machining process of P91 steelSUJAY BHATTACHARYAVivekanand Kain