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7-Apr-2022Development of Urea Based Heterogeneous Catalysts for Oxidation and CO2 Utilization ReactionsPATEL PARTH NATVARBHAIKHAN NOOR-UL HASSAN
28-Mar-2022Development and Tribo mechanical characterizations of self lubricated boron trioxide and hexagonal boron nitride reinforced PA6 compositesRANDHAWA KAWALJITSINGH MANSINGHPatel Ashwin D.
27-Apr-2022Magnetically Polarizable Nano and Micron Sized Particles Suspension Heat Transfer PropertyPISUWALA MUJIBA SHAMIMAHEMADParekh Kinnari H.
14-Mar-2022Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable AntennasTHANKI POONAM JAYANTIBHAIRaval Falguni
14-Mar-2022Derivatization of Agar Agarose for Potential Applications with Special Reference to the Synthesis Of NanomaterialKHOLIYA FAISAL USMANBHAIMEENA RAMAVATAR
14-Mar-2022Synthesis Characterization and Application of Heterogeneous Catalyst in Organic TransformationsPATEL NIPUN DINESHCHANDRADadhania Abhishek
18-Apr-2022Data Mining for Cotton Yield Prediction in North Region of Gujarat IndiaPATEL AMIKSHA ASHOKKathiriya Dhaval
24-May-2022Synthesis of Montmorillonite Clay Based Materials Charactterization and Possible ApplicationsMAKVANA DIPAKKUMAR DUDABHAIBajal Hari C
12-Sep-2022Investigating Positive Streamer Dynamics in Transformer Oil based Hybrid NanofluidsBHATT MIHIR ASHOKKUMARBhatt Praghnesh J
12-Sep-2022Screening of Advanced Glycation End products inhibitors and their role in ameliorating the underlying consequences in DiabetesPARWANI KIRTI DILIPMandal, Palash