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20-Oct-2021Long Term and Cost Effective Remediation Technology Based on Sonocatalysis Using Affordable Semiconducting Metal Ferrite Loaded NanocatalystsKrishna, SSathish Kumar, P and Kumaran, S
20-Oct-2021Essence of Periyarism Is Modernization of DravidiansDeiva Akandan Paraman, K I NJayakumar, D
20-Oct-2021A study on Internet Addiction and Its Implications on Psychosocial Aspects of Adolescents Studying in Higher Educational Institutions of Thanjavur CityGnanaraj, SAnand Jerard Sebastine, A
20-Oct-2021A study on Information Access Pattern among Teaching Professionals in Arts and Science Colleges in Thanjavur Thiruvarur and Nagappatinam Districts Delta Region Tamil Nadu IndiaArul, GThandavamoorthy, K and Narmadha, T
20-Oct-2021Influence of Socio Environmental Factors on Emotional Intelligence of Higher Secondary StudentsSouza Tony, DMohanasundaram, K
22-Oct-2021Emotional Intelligence Personality Traits and Life Skills among Rural and Urban Adolescents in Thanjavur District A Comparative StudyIndira, RAnand Jerard Sebastine, A
22-Oct-2021Drivers of Employee Engagement and Their Impact on Retention in Select FMCG CompaniesRuban Antony, MArulraj, A and Uma Maheswari, D
18-Oct-2021Structural Studies on Selected Drug Intermediates Some of Their Multi Component Systems and Schiff BasesManikandan, DSethuraman, V and Sirajunnisa, A
18-Oct-2021The Influence of Social Leadership Factors on Social EmpowermentAmaladhas Tensingh,ASathyapriya,J
18-Oct-2021Use of Electronic Resources among the Students of Selected Engineering Colleges in Tirunelveli and Tuticorion Districts A StudySethuramasamy, MSivakami, A and Perumal P