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13-Aug-2015Physiology of seed germination in relation to growth and development of crop plants II effect of vernalization and photoperiod on metabolism growth and development of wheat during the germinative and the post germinative periodsPandya,R BChinoy,J J
13-Aug-2015Study on the effects of environmental pollutant with special reference to sodium fluoride on growth and metabolism of certain crops wheat and riceManuchehr,Taghavi Sabsevari SeyedVora,A B
13-Aug-2015Effect of drougt and pretreatment on growth metabolism and yield of barley grown under two photoperiodsSundar Raj,K PChinoy,J J
13-Aug-2015Biochemical aspects of seed deterioration in soyabeanMaheshwari,D CSaxena,O P
20-Mar-2018A study on responses of medicinal plants to environmental variables and plant growth regulatorsPatel, Nikita PVyas, A V
11-Aug-2015A morpho physiological study of the shoot apex and its relationship with growth and development of barleyMansuri,A DChinoy,J J
23-Jul-2015Petrochemical industry in India its production linkages and technology indigenization processRam,KewalSarma,Atul
11-Aug-2015Biochemical parameters in productivity of plantsBhatt,Krishna CChinoy,J J
11-Aug-2015Metabolic aspects of growth and differentiation in plantsMegha,Bhavna MLaloraya,M M
10-Aug-2015Physiology of seed germination in relation to growth and development of crop plants IV study of agrophysiological aspects of growth development and yield of some crop plants as affected by ascorbic acidDave,I CChinoy,J J