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16-Mar-2018Development of improved intercalated anodes using surface modified carbon materials for Li_ion secondary batteriesVenkatesh, RParuthimal Kalaignan, G
16-Mar-2018Studies on the course of soluble conducting polymer formation through ultraviolet_visible spectroscopySivakumar, CGopalan, A
5-Jan-2018Studies on polyaniline with mono and bimetal nanocomposites for antibacterial and anticancer applicationsBoomi, PGurumallesh Prabhu, H
16-Mar-2018Studies on the electro deposition of zinc composite coatings and the role of thiosemicarbazones in zinc plating bathsKavitha, BVasudevan, T
16-Mar-2018Characterization of special nuclear materials_SNM_in reprocessing plants_development of analytical techniques for nuclear material management_NMM_and its applicationsRajachandrasekar, RPalamalai, A and Vasudevan, T
16-Mar-2018Development of water_based paints and their evaluationRamesh, DVasudevan, T and Gopalan, A
16-Mar-2018Studies on gold plating using non_cyanide bathAmutha, KVasudevan, T
16-Mar-2018Voltammetric and corrosion inhibition studies of N Arylidene phenylamine N oxidesHarihara Puthran, RManisankar, P and Vasudevan, T
5-Jan-2018Preparation and characterization of inclusion complexes of poorly water soluble drugs with and#946; cyclodextrin and their pharmaceutical applicationsShanmugapriya, AStalin, T
16-Mar-2018Studies on organic single crystals and polymeric materials suitable for non_linear optical applicationsNixon Azariah, ARavi, G and Noel, M