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6-Apr-2019Influence of downhill and uphill running on selected physical fitness variables among football playersVinoth TNageswaran A S
6-Apr-2019Relative effects of ladder training and plyometric training on biomotor variables among college menVenkatesan ANageswaran A S
6-Apr-2019Effect of various instructional methods on learning the skills in soccerShahul Hameed FNageswaran A S
6-Apr-2019Effects of aerobic dance and suryanamaskar of selected low physical and physiological variables on school children of kerala stateRakhi RamakrishnanShenbagavalli
6-Apr-2019Effect of swissball and medicineball on selected motor ability components of college studentsShahul HameedSamuel Jesudoss
6-Apr-2019Influence of submaximal and maximal aerobic exercise on selected musculoskeletal fitness and cardiopulmonary parameter among active smokersChandraprakash GSenthil Kumar P K
6-Apr-2019Impact of sporting excellence of academic performance of school sports participantsArul narayanan SNageswaran A S
12-Apr-2019Effects of physical exercises and yogic practice on selected health related physical fitness physiological and psychological variables of residential college men studentsSathish kumar RRaajkumar
18-Apr-2019Effect of physical fitness programme with and without recreational games on selected health related fitness and organizational variables among labours of firework factoriesMuthukuma pThirumaalaikumar
18-Apr-2019Effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and speed agility quickness training on selected skills among men hockey playersSivaSimson Jesudass, E


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