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15-Oct-2020Prediction of playing ability in volleyball from selected kinanthropometric motor fitness psychological and game skill variables among intercollegiate level playersKarthikeyan, NS. Thirumalai Kumar
15-Oct-2020Analysis of biomechanical variables in relation to sprinting performancePurushothaman, RP. Rajinikumar
15-Oct-2020Influence of selected performance related fitness anthropometric biomechanical and psychological variables on sprint performance among elite sprintersKarthikeyan, KP. Rajinikumar
16-Oct-2020Impact of specific skill and neuromuscular training on selected physical physiological and skill related variables among state level male junior badminton playersGanesh kumar, TP.K.Senthilkumar
15-Oct-2020Effect of yogic practices with and without diet modifications on physiological biochemical and psychological variables among stressed government school men teachersRaja,MU.Narayani
15-Oct-2020Effect of strength endurance and concurrent training on selected biomotor and biochemical variables of middle distance runnersLoganathan, SS.Glady Kirubakar
15-Oct-2020Analysis of dominant factors in goalkeeping ability among field hockey goalkeepersKalaiselvan, RP.Rajinikumar
15-Oct-2020Effect of tai chi and yogic practices with and without green tea supplementation on selected health related physical fitness and biochemical variables among obese menManoj Kumar,RK. Jothi
24-Sep-2018Influence of varied intensities of game specific circuit training on selected physical physiological and skill variables among handball playersArun MJohnson premkumar s
18-Sep-2018Comparative effects of different sprint training on selected speed parameters among college men studentsJames ZachariahManiazaghu.D