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Title: Evaluating Performance of Routing Algorithms in Wanets Using Optimization Techniques
Researcher: Kaur, Randeep
Guide(s): Bhardwaj, Vijay
Keywords: Computer Science
Computer Science Information Systems
Engineering and Technology
University: Guru Kashi University
Completed Date: 2021
Abstract: WANET (Wireless Ad hoc Network) is a decentralized wireless network. WANET does not have any pre-existing infrastructure. Each node in WANET forward data to other nodes in the network. The research work is focused on discussing the working of prominent protocols involved in WANETs. WANETs are innately different from the well-known wired networks and have a totally new architecture. A few problems arise from the two main traits of WANETs: self-organization and data transfer. Research work has been done to find out an efficient way to transfer data between nodes. The structure of a WANET keeps constantly changing making data transfer even more difficult. The research work conducted in this thesis focuses on implementation of AODV (Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector), DVR (Distance Vector routing), and LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) protocols. The AODV protocol have been modified and compared with conventional AODV in regard with different parameters. The work has also been carried out on improved working of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO). . The ACO algorithm imitates the behavior of real ant colonies in finding the shortest path between the food sources and the nests. The ants release pheromone on the ground while moving from nest to food and vice versa. The TSP (Travelling Salesman Problem) is concerned with finding the shortest closed tour visiting all the cities under consideration within a problem. The work has also been performed to find out the best cost under ACO. newline
Pagination: 97
Appears in Departments:Department of Computer Applications

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