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Title: Simulation Study of Ballistic Electronic Transport and Light Emission by CNT Field Effect Transistor using Non Equilibrium Green s Function Method
Researcher: Singh, Tapender
Guide(s): Rai, Padmnabh and Chauhan, Bhag Chand
Keywords: Logic
Physical Sciences
University: Central University of Himachal Pradesh
Completed Date: 2019
Abstract: newline Scaling down the device dimension to the nanoscale regime has made a significant effect on newlinedevice characteristics in terms of carrier mobility and ballistic transport, which led a step newlineahead closer to the next generation device technology. With scaling down of device newlinedimension to nanoscale, the short channel effects such as high power dissipation, degradation newlineof carrier s mobility etc. have emerges as a drawback that affects the performance of device. newlineHowever, these effects are not prominent in carbon nanotube (CNT) materials. Thus, it has newlinebecome suitable candidates for the nanoscale optoelectronic applications and offers many newlineadvantages, such as, higher carrier mobility, ballistic electron transport, better tensile newlinestrength, good thermal conductivity and high current densities, which are the main motivation newlinefor the study. Such outstanding characteristics make CNT as a potential candiadate for future newlinetechnology and have wide range of applications in biomedical and semiconductor industries. newlineIt can also be used in field emission cathode, conductive adhesive, molecular electronics, newlinereinforcement s materials. The device characteristics need to be explored theoretically before newlineexperimental realization. Various transport theories such as, Boltzmann transport Equation, newlineLandauer-Buttiker theory and Non-Equilibrium Green s Function (NEGF) method were newlineemployed to study the nanoscale device characteristics. newlineIn the current work, the NEGF method is employed for the simulation of carbon newlinenanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET) due to incorporation of quantum phenomena in the newlinemodel. Ballistic transport and light emission properties of CNTFET under the various newlineexternal perturbations (temperature, magnetic field and split gate) has been studied. Carriers newlinetransport under ballistic and non-ballistic regime was explored to understand the device newlinephysics and its operation. The high carrier mobility and direct band transition in CNT has newlineenabled its potential for next generation electronic and optoelectronic applicati
Appears in Departments:Department of Physics and Astronomical Science

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