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dc.coverage.spatialUltra Capacitor Based Hybrid Energy Storage System For Electric Vehicle
dc.description.abstractThe search of clean energy technology, that embraces energy storage and conversion, can play newlinethe foremost vital role in overcoming fuel exhaustion and international pollution for the newlinesustainable development of human society. Electrochemical technologies like batteries, fuel newlinecells, hydrogen generation, Supercapacitor or Ultracapacitor and additionally solar energy newlineconversion are employed or will employ in important application areas together with newlinetransportation and stationary and portable/micro power. To satisfy the increasing demand in each newlinethe energy and power densities of those electrochemical energy devices in numerous new newlineapplication areas, more analysis and development area unit essential to beat major obstacles like newlineprice and robustness, that area unit thought of to be preventive their applications and making it at newlinecommercial platform. newlineEnvironmental in addition to economic problems, gives a compelling thrust to develop clean, newlineeconomical and sustainable vehicles for urban transportation. The automobile usage is rapidly newlineincreasing day by day and create pollution based environment globally, nevertheless the exhaust newlineemissions of standard internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles are responsible for the main newlinesupply of urban pollution that causes the atmospheric phenomenon resulting in environmental newlinewarming. The dependence on oil because the sole supply of energy for traveller vehicles has newlineeconomic and political implications, and therefore the crisis can inevitably become acute newlinebecause the oil reserve of the globe diminishes. The fuel requirement is a raising factor due to newlinethe usage of fuel powered vehicles which intern produces anti greenhouse pollutant gases. So, newlineelectric vehicle (EV) is used as a substitute for the conventional vehicles to solve this type of newlineissues. Presently, common EV uses batteries for the storing and supply of energy purpose. Its newlineperformance is not good when it comes to battery life time, maintenance and working. Lifetime newlineof battery depends on numbers of charge/discharge cycles. Frequent acceleration of EV requires newlinefrequent release of high power from battery and frequents in charging/discharging affecting the newlinebattery life. Ultracapacitor (UC) can be connected along with battery in many configurations to newlinecomplement the high energy demand from battery to remedy the issues of the primary energy newlinestorage of EVs. This kind of configurations putting different storage devices together is called newlineHybrid Energy Storage System (HESS). So, there is requirement for proper management of newlineenergy to be supplied to the energy demand so that the primary energy storage of EV is newlineprotected with the help of Ultracapacitor which has high charge/discharge cycles. newline
dc.titlePerformance Investigation of Ultra Capacitor Based Hybrid Energy Storage System For Electric Vehicle
dc.creator.researcherSingh,Thoudam Paras Kumar
dc.subject.keywordEngineering and Technology
dc.subject.keywordEngineering Electrical and Electronic
dc.publisher.universityMody University of Science and Technology
dc.publisher.institutionSchool of Engineering and Technology
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