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Title: Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2 Phenyl 1 Benzofuranone Derivatives as Probable Anticancer Agents
Researcher: Raghava D
Guide(s): Mittal Abhilasha, Babu G. Sridhar
Keywords: Clinical Pre Clinical and Health
Pharmacology and Pharmacy, ADMET, Anti Cancer activity, G361 cell line, Sulforhodamine assay
Pharmacology and Toxicology
University: Nims University Rajasthan
Completed Date: 2020
Abstract: Docking studies are the most prominent study in the current trend for analysing macromolecular and nanomolecular interactions. Synthetic routes may to laborious process and long times to complete a stucture but computional techniques are developed such that to build structure and analyse possible biological activities. A group of 324 molecules were developed and screened for virtual screening, ADMET predictions and Docking studies which were compared with marketed products of same category. Benzofuranone is a bicyclic ring where a benzene ring fused with a furanone. Synthetic chemistry plays a major in developing a series of potent anti cancer agents. Benzofuranone was synthesized by reacting benzene diols and triols with bromo phenyl acetonitrile yielded an imine derivative are converted to ketone with treatment with hydrochloric acid then cyclised with sodium acetate. The compounds identity and purity are confirmed by spectral and analytical methods. Benzofuranone derivatives are screened antineoplastic activity was performed against human skin cancer cell line G361 at micro molecular concentrations. The compounds IA, IB, ID,IE,IF, IIB,IIC, IIIA, IVB, IVF, VA, VC, VD, VE was found to be with potent activity. The compounds IA and VC has been shown excellent activity in histopathological studies. newlineKey words: Anti cancer activity, Skin cancer, G361 cell line, Sulforhodamine assay. newline
Pagination: 1-27, 1-371
Appears in Departments:Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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