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30-Jul-2015Synthesis and studies of some novel heterocyclic compounds and their biological activitiesPatel, Himanshu DPatel, K C
30-Jul-2015Surfactant solutions: their characeterization by physicochemical and instrumental methodsChavda, Sureshkumar LBahadur, P
19-Mar-2015Self assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers in water and solubilization of hydrophobic solutes studied by different instrumental techniquesParmar, Arpan VBahadur P
19-Mar-2015Pharmacalogical evaluation and synthesis of newer triazole, benzothiazole, imidazole and thiazolidinedione clubbed heterocyclesKhan, Imran Hashibur RehmanPatel, N B
19-Mar-2015Synthesis and characterization of some liquid crystalline compounds and its transition metal containing metallomesogenPatel , Neeraj BThaker, B T
18-Mar-2015formulation, characterization and release kinetics of hydrophobic drugs from polymeric micellesSharma, UshaBahadur P
9-May-2015Synthesis of medicinally important heterocyclic compounds containing sydnone moietyPatel, Yogesh MPatel, K C
9-May-2015Synthesis and study of biological activity of some novel thiazolidinones and azetidinones compoundsMahyavanshi, Vinaykumar NatvarlalMarjadi, Sunil I
19-Mar-2015Exploration of newer possibilities for the analogues of oxadiazole, thiadiazole, diazepines, thiazepines related heterocycles: their synthesis and pharmacological studiesPatel, Sarvil DhirajbhaiPatel, N B
18-Mar-2015Synthesis, spectral characterization, as well as resolution of some heterocyclic compounds having chiral center and their antimicrobial studiesIntwala, Sanket ManubhaiMistry, B D