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8-Apr-2021Design synthesis and molecular docking studies of coumarin based heterocyclesSurampudi Durga KarteekI V Kasi Viswanath, Mandava V Basaveswara Rao
21-May-2021Novel Synthetic Methodologies towards the synthesis of dendrodolide L and some Heterocyclic CompoundsRegalla Venkata ReddyAnindita Chatterjee
28-Sep-2020Heat and mass transfer effects on boundary layer flow with radiation and first order chemical reactionSuneetha KarnaG Venkata ramana reddy, Mohammed Ibrahim
30-Sep-2020A New analytical stability indicating methods for the development and validation of some pharmaceutical drugs using RP HPLCPalnati Geetha SwaroopaK R S Prasad, K Suresh Babu
8-Apr-2021Some fixed point results and applications in bipolar modular c algebra valued fuzzy soft and complex valued dislocated quasi b metric spacesGorantla AdilakshmiG V N Kishore
8-Apr-2021Development of novel capillary electrophoresis methods for the analysis of rare sugars and their process related impuritiesSurapureddi Sri Rama KrishnaK Ravindhranath
8-Apr-2021Synthesis and biological activity studies of urea and thiourea based heterocycles and control of impurities in drug synthesisMannam MadhavaraoK R S Prasad
8-Apr-2021Photocatalytic activity of Ni Co2 doped magnetite decorated on carbonaceous materials towards degradation of methylene blueT KamakshiG Sunita Sundari
8-Apr-2021Sythesis and characterizations of metal and metal oxide Nanoparticles and their bioevaluationNagababu UppuJ V Shanmukha Kumar, Anindita Chatterjee
8-Apr-2021Synthetic approaches to chromones and novel chromone hybrid derivatives such as chromone unnatural amino acid derivatives 3 flouro chromones and 3 4 5 trisubstituted isoxazolesVenu KandulaAnindita Chatterjee, Manoranjan Behera