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27-Apr-2022Design of Machine Learning Approaches for Community Detection and Sentiment Analysis in Social NetworkDivyapushpalakshmi MR Ramalakshmi
27-Apr-2022Studies on Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Studies on Direct Metal Laser Sintered DMLS Processed IN718 MaterialB AnushrajJT Winowlin Jappes and M. Adam Khan
27-Apr-2022Biological Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Various Sources and their Therapeutic Effects in Hyperglycemia Induced Zebrafish Danio rerioS JeyabharathiA Muthukumaran
27-Apr-2022A Hyperledger Fabric Based System Towards Face RecognitionNaveen PP Sivakumar
27-May-2022Influence of Glycoluril Formaldehyde on the Bond Strength of Repaired ConcreteSKM PothinathanM Muthukannan
10-Jun-2022A Novel Coordinated Control Scheme for the Enhancement of Power Flow and LV RT Capability in Grid Integrated Wind Energy Conversion SystemP JayanthiD Devaraj
10-Jun-2022A Novel Approach for Day Ahead Dynamic Available Transfer Capability Estimation in Renewable Integrated Deregulated Power SystemKaruppasamypandiyan MAruna Jeyanthy P
15-Jun-2022Design of an Improved Wide Area Power System Stabilizer for Damping Inter Area Oscillations in Power SystemsSreedivya K MAruna Jeyanthy P
15-Jun-2022Assessment of Land Values Using Geospatial Technology at Madurai Local Planning AreaBalaji LM Muthukannan
15-Jun-2022Investigational Study on the Performance of Geopolymer Concrete using Hazardous Industrial WastesA Suresh KumarM Muthukannan