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dc.description.abstractIn the age of globalization there is need of social skills as well as good newlineLeadership qualities Teacher education plays an important role in shaping newlineand molding the habits, manners and all the characteristics of Students to newlinebecome effective teachers.The present research is intended to find out the newlinelevel of social intelligence as well as leadership behavior qualities of newlinestudent teachers. newlineResearcher also try to find through this investigation if there is influence newlineof gender, teaching methodology and qualification of student teachers on newlinetheir Social intelligence and Leadership behavior qualities. The present newlineresearch also aims to find out the correlation between social intelligence, newlineLeadership and Academic achievement of student teachers. newlineThis study would be of great use toteachers, student teachers, newlineeducationalist, planners and administrators of teacher education and of newlineother educational institutions. newlineIn chapter first researcher has introduced the present study with newlineconsideration of theoretical background, objectives, assumptions, newlinehypothesis, variables, need and significance of the study including the newlineaspects of study. This study is very useful for researchers in the next newlinechapter. newline6 newlineIn chapter second researcher has introduced the review of related newlineliterature and researches. The Study of related researches helped the newlineresearcher to know the previous work carried out in the subject. In newlineprevious studies there were more researches on Emotional Intelligence. newlineEmotional intelligence was correlated with academic achievement of newlinestudents. Also there were many variables affecting the emotional newlineIntelligence like gender, job satisfaction, stress etc. Previous researches newlinewere on social interaction, social status, and social maturity but there newlinewere very few researches on social intelligence. In Previous studies newlineSocial intelligence was correlated with emotional intelligence, spiritual newlineintelligence and life skills but studies were not found on correlation newlinebetween social intelligence ,leadership and academic achievement most newlineof the studies were done on school students ,teachers and teacher newlineeducators but there was no research on pre service teachers (B.Ed.)In newlineprevious study many researches was found on leadership style of school newlineprincipals also leadership behavior of principal but there were no newlineresearches on leadership behavior of B.Ed. students so researcher wants newlineto find correlation between social intelligence, leadership and academic newlineachievement of B. Ed students. newlineIn chapter third researcher has described the research method of present newlinestudy with consideration of research design, method of sampling, tools newlineused for data collection, developed programme, try out of study. Thus, in newlinethis chapter, researcher has described the research method of present newlinestudy with consideration of research design, method of sampling, tools newlineused for data collection, developed programme, try out of study. This newline7 newlinestudy is very useful for researchers in the next chapter. This study is very newlineuseful for researchers in the next chapter. In text chapter researcher has newlinegiven analysis and interpretation of data. newlineIn chapter four the researcher presented actual data collection, its analysis newlineand interpretation. For this purpose researcher has used descriptive newlinestatistics like tables and column charts, graphs, Mean (measure of central newlinetendency), Correlation , t test for testing of null hypothesis, t testsingle group design to find measure of significant difference between newlinemean. newlineIn this chapter researcher has presented summary, conclusions and newlinesuggestions forfurther research. newline1.2. Summary newline1.2.1 Theoretical background newlinequotAny enlightened human being can be created by the teacher through newlineproviding two unique characteristics. newline
dc.titleA Correlational Study Of Social Intelligence Leadership And Academic Achievement Of BEd Students
dc.creator.researcherPATIL DIPALI
dc.subject.keywordArts and Humanities,Arts and Recreation,Humanities Multidisciplinary
dc.contributor.guideSHIKARE A P
dc.publisher.universitySolapur University
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of Education
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