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22-Nov-2021Seasonal variation in occurrence of aquatic Fungi belonging to Mastigomycotina in Lower Lake of BhopalBindu NaharK W Shah
8-Dec-2021Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Raisen District Madhya Pradesh using Water Quality Index WQIMeenu SharmaVipin Vyas
10-Jun-2022Evaluatioin of Sulphur Oxidizing Bacteria as Bioinoculant and Growth Promoter in Soybean Glycine max LJoshi NaveenSingh Madhulika and Gothalwal Ragini
16-Jun-2022Development And Evaluation Of Novel Skin Darkening Agent From Extracts Of Berberis Vulgaris And Its Nanoformulation Using In Vivo And Cultured Mammalian MelanocytesNaaz IshratAli Sharique
10-Jun-2022Evaluation of antimicrobial compound involved in Antagonism Isolated from Rhizospheric bacteria from SoybeanDave KritiSingh Madhulika and Gothalwal Ragini
29-Jun-2022Study of cellulose degrading bacteria and role of their enzyme system in bioelectricity generationBasene YogitaGothalwal Ragini
30-Aug-2022Occurrence Of Dermatophytes And Related Keratinophilic Fungi From The Soil Of Betul IndiaGujre, RamchandraPandey, Alka
31-Aug-2022An Approach for Isolation and Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds from the Plant Bergenia ciliata Saxifragaceae and Its Impact on Anticancerous ActivityKanth, Mudassir MehmoodSharma, Manik and Shrivastava, Pradeep
31-Aug-2022The Study of Anti Arthritic Activity of Flavonoids from Potent Medicinal Plant Bergenia Ciliata SaxifragaceaeHussain, AhatshamSharma, Manik and Shrivastava, Pradeep
16-Aug-2022Exon specific molecular characterization of HBB gene in association with SNPs in selected tribe caste population of Madhya PradeshSwaleh, AyniChaudhary, Ruchira and Gothalwal, Ragini