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26-May-2020Schiff Base and Mannich Base of Floroquinolones with Benzothiazole DerivativesVerma StutiSharma Deepak, Singh Satya Prakash
26-May-2020Design and Characterization of Long Circulating Lyophilised Vesicular Drug Delivery System for Antineoplastic AgentGoje ArjunSharma Shailesh, Doijad Rajendra C.
29-May-2020Novel Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems of Azithromycin and CyclosporineSubhash Deshmukh GaneshSharma Ashish Kumar, Gothoskar Abhijit
29-May-2020Formulation and Development of Extended Release Oral Dosage FormsDilip Phale MiteshSharma Shailesh, Gothoskar Abhijit
15-May-2020Synthesis and Biological Activity of Some Noval Benzothiazole CompoundsPrakash VedSharma Shailesh
1-Jun-2020Synthesis Characterisation and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Novel Prodrugs for Poorly Water Soluble Drugs Like Gliclazide and FamotidineS Vijaya RajSingh Anoop, Kumar K.P. Sampath
1-Jun-2020Isolation and Evaluation of In Vitro Anthelmintic Anti Arthritis and Laxative Effect of Anthraquinones and Derivatives from the Pentas Lanceolata FORSSK Deflers LeavesKumar PragatiSharma Ashish Kumar, Shukla Prabodh
1-Jun-2020Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2 Phenyl 1 Benzofuranone Derivatives as Probable Anticancer AgentsRaghava DMittal Abhilasha, Babu G. Sridhar
9-Nov-2020Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Modified Release Dosage Form of Antihypertensive DrugSahu, Sanjay KumarSharma, Ashish Kumar
13-Nov-2020Pharmacognostical Phytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Different Species of AilanthusMani, MuneshSharma, Ashish Kumar and Chakraborthy, G S