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29-Aug-2018Evaluation of anti hepatoccarcinogenic activity of morinda citrifolia on n nitrosodieethylamine induced hepatocarcinogenesis in ratsPal, RanjuMohan, Govind
29-Aug-2018Antiproliferative potencies of some substancesYaseen, Atheer AbbasMohan, Govind and Rizvi, Moshahid Alam
29-Aug-2018Study of the effect of fibrates in attenuated cardioprotective potentials of ischemic preconditioning in hyperlipidemic rat heartsSingh, GurfatehMohan, Govind
15-May-2020Evaluation of Antidiabetic and Antioxidant Activities of Manilkara Zapota Erythrina Indica and Canthium ParviflorumAshok Pingale RupeshSharma Ashish Kumar, Dash G. K.
15-May-2020Synthesis and Biological Activity of Some Noval Benzothiazole CompoundsPrakash VedSharma Shailesh
26-May-2020Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Self Reported Practices of Mothers on Managing Common Behavioral Problems Among Toddlers At Selected Day Care Centers of Pune CityVishal Naikare JyotiThomas Kochu Thresiamma
26-May-2020Effect of Tactile Kinesthetic Stimulation on Selected Physiological Parameters and Neurobehavioral Development Among Low Birth Weight Neonates Admitted in NICUPandey PrernaThomas Kochu Thresiamma, Pitre Sneha
26-May-2020Design and Characterization of Long Circulating Lyophilised Vesicular Drug Delivery System for Antineoplastic AgentGoje ArjunSharma Shailesh, Doijad Rajendra C.
29-May-2020Novel Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems of Azithromycin and CyclosporineSubhash Deshmukh GaneshSharma Ashish Kumar, Gothoskar Abhijit
29-May-2020Formulation and Development of Extended Release Oral Dosage FormsDilip Phale MiteshSharma Shailesh, Gothoskar Abhijit