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30-Dec-2019Assessment of Cyanobacterial Diversity in Paddy Field and their Capability to Degrade PesticidesKumar, ArunSingh, Jay Shankar
30-Dec-2019Impact of Biochar and CSR Bio Application on Methanotrophs Microbial Biomass and Paddy Yields in Saline SoilSingh, ChhatarpalSingh, Jay Shankar
30-Dec-2019Study on the bacterial degradation and detoxification of distillery wastewater pollutants for environmental safetyChowdhary, Pankaj kumarBharagava, Ram Naresh
30-Dec-2019Screening of rhizobial diversity from the Wild medicinal legumes growing in Lucknow and adjoining areasVerma, MayaArora, Naveen Kumar
30-Dec-2019Remediation of Cadmium Contaminated Soil with PGPR Consortia and Hyperaccumulator PlantsVerma, ChhayaKumar, Rajesh
30-Dec-2019Study of Bacterial Communities in two Step Treatment of Post Methanated Distillery Effluent by Bacteria and Constructed Wetland Plant Treatment SystemKumar, VineetChandra, Ram
13-Nov-2019Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria PGPR and farmyard manure FYM amendment on plant growth parameters and antioxidant level in paddy Oryza sativa L crop under soil salinityVimal, Shobhit RajSingh, Jay Shankar
13-Nov-2019Development of bacterial consortium for detoxification of hexavalent chromium from tannery effluent for environmental safetyMishra, SandhyaBharagava, Ram Naresh
13-Nov-2019Impact of Land Use Changes on Methanotrophic Bacterial Abundance and Soil Microbial BiomassTiwari, ShashankSingh, Jay Shankar
1-Oct-2019Implications and prospects of microbial based integrated management of arsenic remediation in rice Oryza sativa LBharti, NishaBaghel, Vinay Singh
30-Sep-2019Studies on the arsenic affected paddy grown area of Uttar Pradesh India and its remediation approachHare, VishvasBaghel, V.S.
28-Sep-2019IStudy of the Bacterial Degradation and Detoxification mechanism of Crystal violet from Textile wastewaterSujataBharagava, Ram Naresh
28-Sep-2019Studies on Microbial Communities from Satopanth Glacier Western Himalaya and Evaluation of their Biotechnological ApplicationsKatiyar, PragatiBaghel, V.S.
24-Sep-2019Investigation of efficacy of endophytes for the disease management and growth enhancement of endangered medicinal plant Withania somniferaSingh, RachnaArora, Naveen Kumar
24-Sep-2019Development and evaluation of Pseudomonas based bioformulation for disease control and growth enhancement of Zea mays LMishra, JitendraArora, Naveen Kumar
24-Sep-2019Biochemical and Biotechnological Implications of Cold Adapted Bacteria Isolated from Gangotri Glacier Western Himalaya IndiaPratibhaBaghel, V.S.
24-Sep-2019Exploration of Halotolerant Actinomycetes from Salt Affected soil and their Utilization to Ameliorate Salinity Stress in Wheat Triticum Aestivum LShrivastava, PoojaKumar, Rajesh
1-Oct-2018Selection and utilization of Fluorescent Pseudomonads for enhancing production of sunflower crop in arid soil infested with Macrophomina phaseolinaTewari, SakshiArora, Naveen Kumar
9-Aug-2018Isolation and characterization of host specific bacteriophages and determination of their potency to inhibit multiplication of multiple drug resistant MDR biofilm forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolatesSagar, Sadhana SinghKumar, Rajesh
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19