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24-Sep-2018Random amplified polymorphic DNA RAPD based molecular characterization of tomato Lycopersicon esculentum MillBapurao, Patil VikramThorat, S S
24-Sep-2018Antifungal properties of selected thermophilic micro organismsMore, Sunanda BaburaoThorat, S S
29-Nov-2018Biotechnological potential of modified protein extracted from thermophilic bacillus speciesM, More SantoshPawar, V N
28-Sep-2018Studies on production purification and immobilization of proteasesRao, Rokkam SrinivasaKhobragade, C N
24-Sep-2018Standardization of a method for preparation of probiotic acidophilus milk and studies on implantation abilities of the culture in the gastrointestinal tract of tribal children below five yearsDattarao, Khedkar ChandraprakashGyananath, G
24-Sep-2018Biodegradation of synthetic aromatic compounds by bacterial species from soil and aquatic environment a comparative studySomnath, Lade HarshadGyananath, G
28-Sep-2018Polymorphism studies in tomato for germplasm enhancement in relation to drought resistanceKulkarni, Manoj MDeshpande, U D
6-Sep-2018Study of biotechnological aspects of hot spring bacillus catalytic proteinsV, Girde ArchanaPawar, V N
11-Sep-2018Pharmacological studies of taverniera cuneifolia Roth Arn a substitute for commercial liquoriceBalasaheb, Zore GajananKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Studies on production purification and activation of L asparaginase by Thiol containing compoundsChandrakant, Warangkar SuchitaKhobragade, C N