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4-Sep-2018Effects of thiourea treatment on the thyroid_gonadal axis in Clarias batrachus _LinnaeusMukherjee, ArdhenduSinha, G M
4-Sep-2018Some biochemical studies on ascaris lumbricoides with a note on the effect of some drugs on its metabolic processesMukhopadhyay, DebaprasadMaity, C R and Majumdar, G
4-Sep-2018Some aspects of biochemical studies in ascaridia galli with a note on the effect of ascaridiasis on the liver of the hostChaudhuri, AnitaMajumdar, G and Maity, C R
25-Jan-2018Studies on morphology_anatomy and histophysiology of the digestive organs and their relationship with the food and feeding habits in the Indian freshwater featherbacks Notopterus notopterus_Pallas_and Notopterus chitala_HAMGhosh, AmitabhaMoitra, S K and Dehadrai, P V
15-Jan-2018Effects of allatectomy brain cauterization juvenile hormone and juvenile hormone analogues treatment on the biochemical components of some female insectsMandal, SanjayChoudhuri, D K
15-Jan-2018Studies on the arthropod community of cultivated uncultivated and forest soils of Burdwan and effects of some organophosphorus insecticides on themBandyopadhyay, JyotiprakashRoy, Subrata
17-Jul-2018Thyro_gonadal interactions in the integration of vernal migration of some male avian speciesChattopadhyay, SanjibSarkar, Asit Kumar
17-Jul-2018Biology bioenergetics and phenology of argina cribraria clerck _Lepidoptera _ arctiidae_Mahapatra, Anup KumarBanerjee, T C
17-Jul-2018Studies on the chironomine midges of the Eastern Himalayas with special reference to the duars of West Bengal _Diptera _ chironomidae_Dutta, Tapan KumarChaudhuri, P K
17-Jul-2018Studies on the shifting of some metabolites and activities of certain enzymes during the gonadal maturation in Chrysocoris stolli wolf with special reference to endocrine regulationSaha, Lal MohanChoudhuri, D K