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18-Jun-2018Synthesis of fly ash supported and non supported metal and metal oxide nanoparticles characterization and catalytic applicationsHada, RenuDevra, Vijay and Ashu Rani
18-Jun-2018Assessment of the uptake of toxic heavy metals on cultivation of vegetables of family solanaceae in contaminated soilTyagi, RenuKalpana
18-Jun-2018A study of flow of biofluidsGupta, Manoj KumarGaur, Manish
18-Jun-2018Synthesis of eco friendly and reusable heterogeneous acid catalysts from coal fly ash and volcanic ash for catalyzing conventional and microwave assisted organic reactionsKabra, SakshiAshu Rani
18-Jun-2018Eco friendly synthesis of fly ash and volcanic ash supported solid base catalysts for conventional and microwave assisted organic transformationsKatara, StutiAshu Rani
18-Jun-2018Role of inhibitors in atmospheric catalytic autoxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide in acidic mediumSharma, Arun KumarPrasad, D S N and Sharma, Rashmi
18-Jun-2018Investigation into fractional differintegral operators and their application into various disciplinesChouhan, AmitSaraswat, Satish
18-Jun-2018Evaluation of some heavy metals in wet and dry atmospheric precipitations and their leaching in soil water in and around Kota cityManju MeenaAshu Rani and Chandrawat, Uttra
18-Jun-2018A study of generating function involving generalized hypergeometric functions of one and more variablesKabra, Deepak KumarYasmeen
18-Jun-2018An analytical and numerical investigation of generation of high order optical harmonics as a result of the interaction of intense laser pulses with solid surfaces gaseous mediumJain, VinitaMaheshwari K P