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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Oct-2015An Appraisal of Core Sediment Archives on Organochlorine Insecticides in a Tropical Estuary IndiaAkhil, P SSujatha, C H
4-Jul-2016Bioactive Metabolites and Biomarkers from Rhizophoraceae mangroves A Chemotaxonomic ApproachMurukesh,NebulaDr. N. Chandramohanakumar
9-Jan-2013BiochemicaI and Pharmacological evaluation of liver oils of selected deep sea sharks and chimaeras of the Indian EEZMathew, MathenMathew, Suseela
14-Oct-2011Biogeoorganics and trace metal speciation in mangrovesSarika, P RChandramohanakumar, N
23-Apr-2012Biogeoorganics in the sedimentary environments of Cochin estuaryNayar, T VasudevanChandramohanakumar, N
20-Oct-2011Characterisation and distribution of amino acids in the mangrove sediments of KochiRavi, Zeena PChandramohanakumar, N
25-Mar-2019Characterization and quantification of biochemical components of selected Molluscs species from the Kerala coastRagi A. S.Muraleedharan Nair S.
23-Apr-2012Chemical partitioning of trace metals in sediments of a tropical estuaryNair, C KunhikrishnanChacko, Jacob
8-Jan-2016Chemodynamics and Ecohydrology of a Tropical EstuaryRenjith, K RChandramohanakumar, N
23-Apr-2012Competitive interactions of hrdrogen and aluminium ions in modifying trace metal availability to an estuarine clamKarthikeyan, PChacko, Jacob
24-Dec-2012Coral Reef Ecosystem of Lakshadweep Archipelago a biogeochemical FacsimileAnu GopinathChandramohanakumar N
12-Oct-2011Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Cochin Estuary and backwatersMunga, DChacko, Jacob
16-Oct-2017Dynamics and fractionation of heavy metals in the upper reaches of Muvattupuzha A tropical riverJosekutty J. OzhukayilChandramohanakumar N
23-Apr-2012Dynamics and speciation of heavy metals in the lower reaches of Chithrapuzha: a tropical Tidal riverJoseph, P VChacko, Jacob
21-Aug-2015Dynamics of pesticides in the backwaters of kuttanadBabu, VMuraleedharan Nair, S
23-Dec-2015Ecotoxic Metal Records and its Degree of Geochemical Symphony in the Niche of Cochin Estuarine System A Theraptic PerspectivePratheesh, V BSujatha, C H
12-Jun-2014Ecotoxicological assessment of antifouling biocides in the sediments of cochin estuarine systemDeepulal P MSujatha C H
23-Apr-2012Fatty acids as biomarkers in the mangrove sediments of CochinJoseph, Manju MaryChandramohanakumar, N
7-Sep-2012Geochemistry of transition non transition and rare earth elements in the surficial sediments of continental shelf of Kerala and an annex to the Cochin estuarine systemLaluraj, C MNair, S Muraleedharan
29-Jan-2016Hydro geochemical quality assessment of groundwater a general perspectiveSumangala, K NSujatha, C H